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Trusts and Estates

Why Choose Us?

Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company provides estate planning, fiduciary services and investment management and can help you accumulate, enhance and preserve your family’s wealth. We can define and fulfill your financial goals with solutions tailored to your own unique circumstances.

Trust Administration

In simple terms, a trust is a fiduciary relationship that instructs a third party, such as the Bank, on how to manage your property or assets. As your trustee, the Bank ensures your wishes, goals and objectives are carried out. We will:

  • Ensure continuity in the management of your financial affairs
  • Avoid delays in the probate process for your survivors
  • Provide benefits to and protect the assets for an individual with a disability
  • Provide continuing asset management for your beneficiaries
  • Plan charitable gifts

Estate Settlement

As executor of your estate, our experienced professionals carry out your wishes and provide your beneficiaries with personalized support during this emotional transition. You can take comfort knowing our job is to protect your assets, minimize your tax liabilities, and help avoid errors and delays in the estate process. We will:

  • Coordinate the process, working closely with your attorney(s)
  • Take inventory of and distribute estate assets
  • Pay debts, taxes and other bills
  • Provide investment management
  • Ensure timely filing of tax returns   


For more information on Trust and Estate Administration, contact
Tracey Norman, Vice President, Wealth Management, at (518) 415-4436.