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Fight check fraud with controls.

PROTECT your accounts with Positive Pay

Positive Pay Check Review

Increase account security and fight fraud by enrolling in our check review service! Rest easy knowing that checks issued by your business are subjected to an additional layer of oversight.

How It Works

With Positive Pay, you provide us a daily file with data on issued checks, and we compare that information against checks coming in for payment on your account. We'll flag any exceptions for you to review via Business Online Banking, allowing you to decide if they are paid or returned.

Fast Response

With Positive Pay, you get a fast response from us on any flagged checks. We provide a list the morning after an exception is identified, and you tell us to pay or return it.

Fight Fraud

With today’s technology, check fraud has become increasingly sophisticated. Positive Pay can help reduce your business’ risk of losses due to fake, altered or incorrect checks by monitoring on your behalf.


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