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Financial Services Designed to Meet Your Needs

Trusts and Estates

Saratoga National Bank & Trust Company helps individuals and families define and achieve their financial goals by fashioning investment and estate planning solutions tailored to their own, very special circumstances.

Investment Management Accounts: Our investment management professionals manage a wide range of individual, institutional and charitable accounts. Each client’s portfolio is handled based on their stated objectives, tolerance for risk, and tax circumstances.

Living Trusts: This is an exceptional way to have your financial affairs, including the management of your investment portfolio, remain orderly in the event of your incapacitation. It can also continue beyond your lifetime without the delay of the probate process to benefit your survivors.

Trusts Under Will: A trust created under a will provides continuing asset management for your beneficiaries with all administrative and investment burdens placed in the hands of your trustee.

Charitable Trusts: An appropriately planned charitable gift can provide you and your heirs with significant tax and other benefits while providing a financial reward to the charity of your choice.

Standby Trusts: A standby trust provides all the safety and security of a trust while you retain control over the investment of your assets. When you are no longer willing or able to perform the duties of Trustee, then Saratoga National Bank will step in to undertake these duties.

Estate Settlement: Saratoga National Bank & Trust Company understands the broad responsibilities that an executor bears and we are well qualified to carry out those responsibilities.

Personal Retirement Plans: We offer several retirement plans to individuals, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Keogh Plans. IRA Rollover Accounts can be established for lump-sum distributions from employee benefit plans upon retirement or termination of employment.

Corporate and Non-Corporate Retirement Plans: Saratoga National Bank offers management of pensions, profit-sharing and 401(k) plans and other types of retirement plans for businesses.